Welcome to St Anne’s Anglican Church.

As you can imagine church life is currently looking very different to what it did earlier this year. However we are still being ‘the church at the heart of the community’. Below is a bit of information to help you understand what we’re currently doing, and maybe where you’d like to get involved.

Community Support 2020


More information about us (written before Coronavirus lockdown)…

St Anne’s church is home to the Anglican Parish of Northland-Wilton, in the northern suburbs of Wellington.   The parish centre is located on the corner of Northland and Randwick Roads.

We seek to be the “church at the heart of the community”. This means we have a passion to see our local community of Northland & Wilton (and beyond) flourish. We are a small and growing parish, with an average Sunday attendance of 40 people.  This size gives us the opportunity to know and be supportive of one another.

We endeavour to be inclusive and to use the gifts that people offer.  We see ourselves as a local church, with a commitment to one another and to the wider community in our suburbs. Our Priest in Charge, Reverend Paul McIntosh, seeks to be available to any in the community, regardless of whether there is any church affiliation.  The church and  its people are also here to assist in your celebrations and crises, wherever we know there is a need.