No Ordinary Sunday (33) – Preparation for Advent by Thinking on Christ’s 2nd Coming!

Click Here to Listen to an Audio Version of this Message Preparation for Advent Our readings today begin to prepare us for Advent. In the Old (First) Testament we read of barren Hannah who while the favourite of her husband, was childless. As she pondered and prayed about this she was convicted that if givenContinue reading “No Ordinary Sunday (33) – Preparation for Advent by Thinking on Christ’s 2nd Coming!”

Remembrance Sunday Message – 8 November – Terry Alve

Message Audio – Remembrance Sunday REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY (8 November) Scripture Readings Rev 21:1-7   I am the Alpha and the Omega Ps 23   The Lord is my shepherd Rom 8:31-39   If God is for us, who is against us? Matt 5:1-12   You’re blessed Matthew 5:1-12 (The Message) – You’re Blessed 5 1-2 When Jesus saw his ministry drawing huge crowds,Continue reading “Remembrance Sunday Message – 8 November – Terry Alve”

All Saints Day Message – 1 November 15 – Terry Alve

Listen to this Message Today we give thanks for the great multitude of women and men, girls and boys, who have gone before us in the way of faith. In the Bible we hear of the destiny of all THE SAINTS who die in Christ; Rev 21:3 ‘God… will dwell with them; they will be hisContinue reading “All Saints Day Message – 1 November 15 – Terry Alve”

All Souls Day 8pm Service in St Anne’s

Next Sunday at St Anne’s, we will celebrate All Saints’ Day with an all-age service and eucharist at 9:30am following a quieter 8am service. This day and service is one of the HIGH days of the Church year as we remember the very important heritage we have through the Saints. The Saints of God whoContinue reading “All Souls Day 8pm Service in St Anne’s”

The Provision of God – A Message

Sunday 25 October – 30th Ordinary Sunday – a message offered by Reverend Terry Alve AUDIO VERSION Job 42:1-17; Psalm 34:1-8; Hebrews 7:23-28; Mark 10:46-52 The Provision of God Last Sunday afternoon in Messy Church we thought about foot washing and King Jesus who washed our feet, even though this was a lowly task usually preserved for slaves,Continue reading “The Provision of God – A Message”

St Anne’s News Bog

One of the features of this website is this News (Blog) that offers (hopefully) relevant, interesting and current comment and information about Christian faith, St Anne’s church life and people, coming events and reflections on past events. If you want something newsy posted here let’s know. We’ll  check back with you if we want moreContinue reading “St Anne’s News Bog”

Messy Church Experienced First Hand

My first Messy Church experience happened last Sunday. It was the first Messy Church since I arrived in the Parish as interim priest. Having never experienced Messy Church I was keen to see it up close. There were 5 children and as many adults; less than half the number who usually attend, I’m told. However,Continue reading “Messy Church Experienced First Hand”