Easter Services 2023

Easter Services 2019 edit

Maundy Thursday – 6 April

7:30pm Tenebrae Service.

This traditional service includes communion (the Last Supper), Tenebrae Service, and stripping of the church.

This service remembers Jesus’s last night with his friends before his crucifixion. Through communion we remember Jesus eating his last meal with his friends. The Tenebrae service takes us into the darkness of the night, where we listen to the readings and extinguish candles, recounting Jesus final night before his death. His anguish, the disciples failings, and his betrayal. At the end of the service the altar is stripped and we keep an overnight Prayer Vigil in the church (for those who would like, there are one hour slots).

Good Friday – 7 April

9.30am Good Friday Procession (Way of the Cross)

The traditional Good Friday Procession begins this year at St Thomas More at 9.30am (and finishes at St Anne’s).  If you haven’t been – this is a great community and ecumenical (joining with our Catholic brothers & sisters) event that walks from one church to the other with stops along the way to tell the story through bible readings of the path to the cross. There is a warm cuppa and hot cross bun at the end.

Holy Saturday – 8 April

7:30pm Easter Vigil

This service of light, starts with a fire outside the church! This is our first Easter celebration, as it marks the official end of Lent, and the beginning of the celebration of resurrection. This is a traditional service, including candles and communion. It’s Easter’s version of the Christmas Midnight Mass.

Easter Day – 9 April

9.30am  Easter Family Service

This is an all age service that celebrates the wonder of the resurrection and new life.  It will be extremely child friendly, and the rumour is that there’s an Easter Egg hunt!

We  would love to have you with us at any of these services.

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