Christmas Services

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We celebrate Christmas in three different ways. Each one has its own unique flavour (more info below), however all celebrate the birth of Jesus and how he brings joy and hope to the world and to our own lives.

Christingle Service – This service is an opportunity to celebrate Christmas with fruit, candles & lollies! A great one for kids, and those young at heart!. The Christingle is an orange with lollies and a candle in it and we use it to tell the Christmas story. Everyone has the opportunity to receive a Christingle, there are Christmas carols sung, and the Christmas story told, all done in under one hour.

Midnight Mass – This is our most traditional service, with candle light, Christmas carols and communion. If you like a more reflective service with a lovely atmosphere, this is for you. Please come early as we are singing Christmas carols from 11:10pm, with the service officially starting at 11:30pm. This service is approximately 1 hour long.

Christmas Day Family Service – This is one for all ages, and it’s especially welcoming for kids. It’s a more informal service with Christmas carols (lead by our music group), a short interactive talk, followed by communion. All done within about 45 minutes.

All are welcome to join us at these 3 services as we celebrate Christmas in Northland & Wilton.

Merry Christmas!

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